A one-stop shop for all scientific computing needs for startups.

We speak the language of biologists to provide scalable, turn-key engineering and bioinformatics solutions tailored to your team's capabilities and growth strategy. From data-compute infrastructure to AI/ML to scientific workflows, we have you covered.

About you

If you fit one of the profiles below we can help you.

Lab-based Startups
Scientist-founders looking to drive their R&D forward without accumulating technical debt or chasing scarce engineering talent.
Small to Mid-size Biotechs
Organizations needing to bridge gaps between bench science, bioinformatics, and engineering. We provide consulting and Contract Research Organization (CRO) services to firms of all sizes with DevOps, workflow development/automation, data platforms, or AI/ML tools.
Angel Investors & VCs
Investors looking for scientific engineering help for portfolio companies, or business intelligence at the intersection of biotech and scientific computing.
Incubators & Co-work Spaces
Startup-supporting organizations looking to provide scientific computing resources to their clients.

Let us handle engineering so you can focus on science

We build custom biology-first and full-stack scientific engineering solutions using reliable services and frameworks. We also provide comprehensive dry lab services to make the most of your wet lab. All the functionality of a mature computational biology team at a fraction of the capital investment.

DeepStack products & services

We offer a la carte infrastructure and bioinformatics services as well as full-service R&D partnerships (R&D Dry Lab), optionally including custom platforms & front-end tools (Full-stack R&D partnership).

Digital Infrastructure

Launching, migrating, and maintaining cloud infrastructure to power a new and growing R&D team can be daunting, time-intensive, and expensive.

  • Scalable infrastructure with minimal capital investment and operational costs
  • Cost tracking
  • Transparency & control over data pipelines
  • Documented code

Dry Lab R&D Partnership (Analytical/Bioinformatic/ML Workflows)

Gaps between bench science, bioinformatics, and engineering are endemic in startups. The result? Under-used data, sub-par analytics, slower iteration, ancillary paths to value not taken.

  • Improve wet lab efficiency & iterate more rapidly
  • Ensure your data platforms make the most of your samples
  • Be confident you’re using the right pipelines for your objectives
  • Evaluate new research directions with confidence

Front-end Software Tools

Data-to-insight is tough to develop and get right. Don't re-invent the wheel, let us handle the development.

  • Eliminate data-to-insight lag
  • Empower internal users
  • Enliven external communications

Why DeepStack Bio? About us.

Our broad industry, technical, and domain experience helps us bridge the gaps between scientist, bioinformatician, and engineer. All to help bio startups succeed.

  • Industry experience in therapeutics, diagnostics, digital health, agriculture, synthetic biology.
  • Technical experience across computational biology, software engineering, DevOps.
  • Domain experience in metagenomics, microbiome, CRISPR, proteomics, metabolomics, phylogenetics, immunology, population genetics, ecology, and evolution.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you're on the science, business, or engineering side or whether your questions are well-defined or open-ended please reach out to us!

    • Why choose DeepStack over the alternatives?

      Most existing solutions for data-compute infrastructure or bioinformatics capabilities, including those offered by most CROs, are geared to organizations that already have technical/engineering expertise, pre-defined computational needs, or significant capital. For early startups, these solutions can be difficult to evaluate, creating ongoing fixed costs (licensing & subscription fees), over-engineered software platforms, or are simply out of reach cost-wise. We pride ourselves on engaging directly with scientific and business leaders within startups to help define technical needs & solutions, pursue opportunities to automate or scale, onboard new data sources or analytical platforms. Where possible we use open-source or on-demand tools to keep your costs low and productivity high. Our commitment is to earn your future business, not rope you into it.

    • How does working with DeepStack work?

      We start with a free, no-obligation 1 hour meeting to understand your needs & budget, and to discuss high-level solutions. Then we’ll develop a proposal complete with project definition, costs & timeline. Most projects can be completed in days to weeks, depending on the scope. Our goal is to get you running quickly.

    • How much do your services cost?

      Costs are determined on a per-project basis, depending mostly on scope. We understand that early startups need computational infrastructure and solid bioinformatics before they raise funds, or even in order to raise. So we have flexible payment structures, including equity-based arrangements.

    • Do you have a minimum project size or scope?

      No. Startups often need to solve immediate needs while future plans are still being worked out. We can take on one-off projects of any size, whether or not you’d like to continue to engage our services.

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